You and your friends have been wrongfully accused of stealing the UMD Bulldogs’ NCAA national championship trophy and are being held in the Duluth City Jail while you await your trial. The citizens of Duluth are outraged and calling for your heads; you know there is no chance that you will get a fair hearing. Your only hope is to break out.


Lucky for you, Warden Wilkerson doesn’t run the tightest of ships and his carelessness has afforded you a narrow window of opportunity to make your escape. You have one hour…


You open your eyes, blurry and blood-shot from a night of heavy drinking. You’re in a strange hotel room with remnants from the night before scattered around you. You vaguely remember a party, a little dancing, lots of booze…and could there have been romance? Who knows. Your head hurts too much to remember.


What happened last night? How did you get here? And why the heck is the door locked?


Must be 17+ to play


You and your friends will play the part of an engineer team trapped aboard the sinking “Bill E. Irvin”. Work fast and smart to solve your way off the ship and onto the lifeboats before your vessel succumbs to Lake Superior’s icy waters.


While hiking in the wilderness, you and your companions stumble into a very peculiar patch of forest and become lost. You quickly learn that this is no ordinary woods, but a magical realm inhabited by the fairy tales of your childhood.


Your arrival is no accident — the forest needs your help. It has fallen under a curse, hexed by the evil Morgana, This curse can only be reversed by you, and time is short. Can you save the Enchanted Forest before Morgana’s curse becomes permanent?